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Empowered Teaching

Oct 24, 2019

Monica Genta is an author, TED talker, speaking, motivator and one amazing Teacher, who is here to share her journey and what has brought her where she is today. 

On this episode, we talked about being obsessed with learning, making things happen, the game changers that could really make an impact in your classroom and...

Oct 10, 2019

How do I make them all listen to me? What do I need to do so that they all pay attention and behave how I want them to? Today's episode seeks to help you understand better your audience (AKA your students). 

Get to know what Jim Gaffigan does to captivate his audience and bring his powerful advice into your classroom to...

Oct 1, 2019

Carrie Conover is a successful entrepreneur and educator who is here to talk about the importance of self-reflection to know what direction to take.

Should I stay in the classroom? should I go for something else? Am I happy here? What else can I do with my teacher credentials? Are some of the questions, we hope you are...