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Empowered Teaching

Oct 25, 2018

An episode that hopes to get you see the vital importance of taking big risks and really practicing what you preach to your students. 

Get to know how my students were the ones who actually gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue my dreams of having a podcast. I take you on a litle journey from college days back in...

Oct 18, 2018

As a minority Teacher, this is my open letter to a society that desperately needs to encourage more diversification in its schools. 

A podcast inspired on a single Instagram story by Joe Dombrowski, aka Mrdtimes3. We talk minority, LGTBQ, education and much more. 

Oct 11, 2018

As a consumer of social media and a creator of content, I recently found myself affected by two specific posts published from two different teachers I follow on Instagram.  Two completely different stories happening in two different settings with a common denominator: social media "inspiration". 

Give a listen to this...